Cardio training of interval training for a strong heart

Mostly sitting or standing, often in the well-heated office: often our daily life is like this. The cardiovascular system rusts because it should do more. At the time, our body had something else to do, such as always giving it our all while hunting. Therefore, it is not surprising that our heart and all circulation want to be regularly stimulated.

Classic cardio training is an aerobic workout that lasts more than 30 minutes: the typical jogging or bike ride, for example. However, shorter movement units are also good for the heart. To get started quickly in the morning or during the day, for example, a 10-minute cardio training is suitable.

The short unit is structured as interval training: instead of training for a long time at medium intensity, as is done in aerobic training, in interval training you pass very intense phases to active breaks. In this way the body reaches its limits even in a short time and causes the heart to pump blood. Nevertheless, it is important for the body to perform longer cardio units from time to time: in any case, you should not give up running or a long bike ride.

The goal of cardio training is to put the body to the test, so sweat is welcome. But beware: everyone has their own limits. Just push yourself as far as you still feel comfortable and don’t get out of breath.

Circulation needs movement, because thanks to it the heart has to work harder, pumps more blood into the circulation and therefore supplies all organs better with oxygen.

Muscles are also supplied with nutrients and oxygen and can therefore provide greater performance. A trained heart works more economically, which means it beats slower but pumps more blood into the circulation with each beat. In this way, not only is it protected from excessive strain: with the passage of time the blood pressure is lowered, blood circulation disturbances such as thrombosis or heart attacks are prevented, and cholesterol values ​​are improved.

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