Strengthening blood circulation: how to invigorate it

In the case of some people, however, these self-regulatory mechanisms do not work well or are not implemented in time, to the point of causing head-turning, weakness or brief fainting (see the blog “circulatory collapse”). In summary, those suffering from circulatory problems should undergo a medical examination to rule out other contributing causes. Often, however, these are harmless pathologies that can be treated with a simple antidote:

The Mediterranean diet
a balanced diet must be followed. In this regard, the Swiss Foundation of Cardiology recommends Mediterranean cuisine: foods rich in fiber – vegetables, salads, fruit – and carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes and white beans. Simply add monounsaturated fatty acids (olive or rapeseed oil), avoiding foods of animal origin containing saturated fatty acids

Practicing regular physical activity several times during the week – at best 30 minutes of medium intensity outdoors – strengthens the heart, blood vessels and regulates blood circulation. On the other hand, an untrained body struggles to cope with particular situations and, therefore, small changes such as meteorological variability can cause disturbances.

In addition to endurance and coordination, strength training is also advisable, as Urs Jeker: “A trained musculature promotes circulation and blood flow in the vessels.”

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