All you need to know about root canal treatment

Has your dentist recommended you to undergo a root canal treatment?

Then you’re probably curious about this popular dental procedure. It has been credited to save millions of people around the world from excruciating teeth pain and a crooked smile.

But what is it all about?

The root canal treatment is designed to repair and restore your infected tooth and dental root canal from bacterial decay. During the procedure, the tooth nerve and pulp is removed. Also, the insides of your teeth are thoroughly cleaned to prevent any further infection or abscesses from developing.

How Do You Know If You Need A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic treatment that deals with the insides of a tooth. When soft tissue located inside the root canal develops infection or becomes inflamed, then such a treatment becomes necessary. The cause for inflammation and infection may be varied.

Deep decay, frequent dental procedures on that tooth or the cracking and chipping of tooth are a few common root canal causes. The symptoms may include severe pain while chewing and biting, lingering sensation and sensitivity to hot and cold.

Sometimes, even a simple tooth injury may lead to pulp damage and call for a root canal treatment.

However, if you choose to leave an infected or inflamed pulp untreated, do so at your own risk. A damaged pulp can cause uncontrollable and mind-numbing pain in the near future. So tread with caution.

How is a Root Canal Done?

The whole procedure is carefully performed by the endodontist with immense skill and finesse. He removes the infected pulp and the nerve at the root of the tooth. Once done, the inside of the root canal is cleaned thoroughly and shaped perfectly. To finish it off, the space is filled and sealed in to prevent any further decay or infection.

Later, your dentist will place the crown on the repaired tooth for protection. This way, the tooth restores all its original functions like biting and chewing.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost

The cost of the whole treatment depends solely on the complexity and difficulty of the procedure. Another driving factor is the kind of tooth that is affected. For instance, molars are difficult to be treated. Hence, they require a higher price than most others.

However, if you are covered by any dental health insurance policy, you may expect sufficient coverage of costs for the treatment.

The good news is, most endodontic treatment and natural tooth restoration procedures are cheaper as compared to tooth extraction procedures. This is partly owing to the fact that in tooth extraction, the extracted tooth needs to be replaced by performing a dental implant or dental bridge on the gap area. This is done to restore the normal functions of eating, chewing and biting which is otherwise difficult having an empty space. It also prevents the adjacent teeth from dislocating and upsetting the whole jaw structure.

All these complications can be easily dodged if you opt for an endodontic root canal treatment and it ultimately proves to be economical and affordable.

Overall, a root canal treatment is quite effective and beneficial procedure if you want to restore your tooth’s natural capabilities without burning a hole through your pocket.


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